Friday, October 5, 2012

RIP Ronald Rouse

Very sad news out of Hartsville tonight. Hartsville DL Ronald Rouse died tonight due to a collapse he suffered from a hard hit against Crestwood.

Rouse was a 6'1 335 pound senior.

Here's a picture of him from Patricia Burkett of WBTW in Florence earlier in the game.

Tgrfan42069, who was at the game, said this on TigerNet. 

were all pissed at that fact.a fire truck arrived after 15 mins then the ambulance arrived around 5-10 mins later. That is a way long time to be laying on the ground with a stopped heart. Someone in the stands who knows people at the hospital was on his cell. Said they started his heart before they arrived at the hospital but soon after he coded (not sure what coded means) but I'm guessing his heart must have stopped again. The first time he collapsed he actual called a time out just seconds before he fell. Then he got up and was actually walking to the side lines with his arms over two coaches shoulders. Then his legs went limp on the side lines. Was a very hard situation to watch. Started to tear up especially watching his dad and mom on the side lines going ballistic watching their kid in that position and seeing that there was no ambulance there to take him to the hospital. I sense a law suit.

Rouse first collapsed while on the field just after a play at about 8:15 pm. Officials and team coaches attended to Rouse for several minutes and he was able to walk under his own power. As Rouse walked to the edge of the field, he collapsed again. This time, officials worked on him and gave him chest compressions. Later a heart defibrillator machine was used on him.

He was taken to Carolina Pines Hospital in Hartsville. Flags will be lowered to half-mast in Hartsville starting tomorrow.

"We are all definitely at a great loss, we're mourning with this family," Hartsville Mayor Mel Penington said.  "First and foremost we are deeply saddened by this. We can't imagine the pain this family is experiencing tonight. We are grateful to everyone who responded who tried to preserve his life, but sometimes these things are just in God's hands."

EMS arrived 15 minutes after he collapsed, as an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) was used to try to keep him resuscitated (via WPDE).
Hartsville has a perfect 7-0 record, and has been one of the best teams in the Pee Dee all season. 

Rouse had been a member of the Red Foxes team for the last four years, and was a starter this season.

Everyone in Darlington County, the state of South Carolina, and football fans in the United States needs to pray for him. Funeral arrangements are unknown.

RIP to Ronald Rouse.

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